Business Park Security

How CCTV Surveillance can augment traditional guarding:

Business Park security is critical for the protection of the entire site, which includes the property, assets and stock belonging to the various businesses operating from within the park. It is vital that the Business Park has effective CCTV monitoring in place.

Damage to the buildings, as well as theft of stock and office equipment, could result in huge financial losses and serious damage to daily business operations. Watcher Surveillance Solutions offers perimeter protection using CCTV with off-site monitoring that is augmented by Intelligent Software to provide comprehensive and effective security surveillance, while you continue with the daily operations of your business. This means detecting intruders before they reach your property, deterring intruders by visible CCTV camera presence and defending your property by reporting threats directly to your chosen armed reaction company. The traditional security approach of using manned security guards has become unaffordable with yearly salary increases and the need for enhanced training, vetting, rest facilities and vehicles adding to the operational costs.

Guards are not able to be at more than one place at a time and are often targeted as they are key holders, with knowledge of security procedures. A remotely monitored CCTV system will not only dramatically reduce overall security costs but is also a far more effective security solution.

Some of the benefits of the Watcher’s service include:

• No initial capital outlay

• Installation of the latest CCTV network and camera technology that is also continuously maintained, supported, and upgraded.

• A proactively monitored solution on a 24/7 basis, from an off-site control room.

• Intelligent software that ensures efficiency in threat detection.

• Ensures accountability of security personnel and response companies.

• Immediate action by Watcher’s Surveillance Operating Centre (SOC) when alerts are received, i.e. escalations and dispatch of armed response or police assistance.

• Recording and storage of video feeds for 15 days.