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How Outsourcing Security Surveillance Saves Time And Money

Do you run a business in need of security or surveillance and you’re thinking of doing it yourself? Maybe you’re a security company looking to outsource your surveillance so that you can focus on your core services?

Don’t spend large amounts of money, and time, buying, implementing and managing your security surveillance systems when you could rather leave it to the experts and get back to doing what you do best.

JJ Venter of Makopano Security Solutions explains why Watcher’s solutions are so crucial to security going forward, and how this has given them the tool to provide a full-house solution for their clients:

“In the old days we had CCTV footage, where you had a controller that was sitting and looking at a lot of little screens 24/7, with 12 hour shifts, which made it impossible for that CCTV operator to pick up any anomalies.”

Venter goes on to point out the crucial ability that this kind of solution provides:

“We use the software, the hardware and the off-site monitoring which in actual fact, has moved us from being reactive, to proactive.”

Stronger Together

Who is Makopano Security Solutions exactly? 

Makopano is an East Rand based security company who partnered with Watcher Surveillance Solutions to enhance their CCTV surveillance service offering, including the outsourcing of their surveillance function infrastructure and software.

So what Watcher brought to the party – and Makopano bought into that – is the fact that, together, we’ve got a one-stop solution.”, says Venter.

With their next-generation, 24/7 surveillance service offering now in the capable hands of Watcher, Makopano is now able to concentrate on important traditional security services, such as armed response and guarding using human resources.

This relationship has strengthened their security arm, and allowed them to focus on providing high-quality, proactive security services to their customers.

Does DIY Security Surveillance Really Save Money?

You might be thinking that you can save money by keeping your surveillance operations in-house, but in many cases the opposite couldn’t be more true.

Hardware alone does not provide an effective surveillance solution. Instead the hardware, configuration, maintenance and monitoring of the solution is required for a successful surveillance eco-system. Artificial Intelligence based software is required to enhance camera capabilities and address the human error factor.

Derick Neethling of Watcher Surveillance solutions explains:

“Makopano and Watcher are companies that are looking ahead and looking forward and using the technology to provide a better, affordable security solution”.

We take care of our customers’ security, comprehensively and effectively, through the combination of security and technology.

Through Makopano they can get the best AI technology and the best camera solutions available, and they can get a highly effective security solution, all from one service.”

You might think that modern advanced systems are just too expensive these days…

Well, times have changed.

Stick To What You’re Good At

Thanks to major advancements in Artificial Intelligence and technological systems, you can now have systems in place that keep a vigilant eye on your premises 24/7, and without the risk of human error. Watcher’s Neethling had the following to add:

“These customers don’t have to own any of the hardware or possess the skills to operate or maintain it. They don’t even need to worry that they need two different companies to manage all of it.

So whether you’re providing security services, or just looking to keep your own businesses secure, by sourcing this crucial element of your business out to experts, you can not only rest assured that your surveillance is in good hands, but also get back to what’s important:

Doing what you do best.

Better yet, with the modern approach to providing ongoing services, these systems aren’t just highly affordable compared to the past, but you also never have to worry about maintenance and support ever again.

Here’s why partnering with experts to manage your surveillance system provides value and stability:

  1. A consistent monthly service charge means no large upfront costs and maintenance included.
  2. You don’t need to train your staff to maintain and support complex systems. 
  3. Artificial Intelligence supports greater productivity of your security staff and the technology means you get 24/7 surveillance that doesn’t miss a beat.
  4. You’re never on your own. Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing our support help desk is always there for you.

It just makes sense

When it comes to security, you always want to bet on the best value you can get for your budget.

When experts are able to provide high-quality, next-generation technology in a service that eliminates massive upfront costs, outsourcing your needs and partnering with a company like Watcher Surveillance Solutions makes perfect sense.

Get back to doing what you do best.