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Watcher is scanning over 2000 camera feeds in S.A while you're reading this.


Smart Surveillance that never sleeps.

Watcher's intelligent surveillance system is always on and constantly scans your live camera feeds for behaviour configured as potentially suspicious or threatening. There's no such thing as a moment of distraction when Watcher is on guard.

Prevent break-ins before they even happen.

Watcher's intelligent surveillance system has true 'pre-crime' capabilities. The system will bring the live footage to the attention of a trained surveillance officer, and if criminal activity is confirmed, or even suspected, you and your armed response team will immediately be alerted.

Affordable with no upfront costs.

Watcher provides the equipment and does the installation, off-site monitoring using Intelligent Software, and will dispatch the relevant armed reaction in case of identified threats, at an affordable monthly charge. Alternative payment options are also available. Contact us to discuss your unique requirements.
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Watcher unveils fake electricity contractors to be robbers in disguise.

Watcher's Smart Surveillance System uncovered a group of local criminals who were impersonating electricity maintenance workers, and prevented their break-in plans before they could get their robbery underway.

It was discovered that the criminals had obtained access to the street electrical box, and while pretending to be at work on routine maintenance, were in fact cutting power to nearby businesses, and then waiting for the backup alarm batteries to drain before returning later that evening to break in. Watcher's surveillance cameras, having their own independent backup batteries and intelligent threat detection, survived the power outages and identified the criminals when they returned that evening. The Watcher system immediately alerted the surveillance officer and the armed reaction team, who apprehended the criminals within minutes of them entering the property.

Once the Watcher team reviewed the surveillance feeds, it was revealed how the criminals had begun their break in through the street electricity box, and their operation was thwarted for good.


Don't waste your money on unreliable surveillance systems. Get Watcher.

24/7 Always-on surveillance that never sleeps.

Constant surveillance by Watcher's intelligent systems that never sleep, and cannot be corrupted or infiltrated.

24/7 Off-site monitoring at our Operating Centre.

Surveillance officers will immediately watch and confirm threats before alerting you and your armed response company.

Immediate armed reaction to identified threats.

You and your armed response company will be alerted the moment a threat is confirmed, allowing for immediate action.

Real time alerts directly to your mobile phone.

You will get real-time notifications of suspicious activity directly to your mobile phone, where you can watch the live camera feeds.

Camera and equipment supply and installation.

We supply and install cameras and infrastructure for total coverage of the surveillance area, using equipment that meets global standards.

Advanced post-incident analysis and reporting.

Post analysis allows for smart search and video synopsis capabilities.

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Get smart. Get Watcher.

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