Residential Security for Estates and Complexes

The value of a Residential Security Estate lies in the communal sharing of security related costs. Guarding, access control, an electric fence, and CCTV surveillance are all crucial for the residents’ security. However, criminals have realised that the response resources in large estates are limited, with few guards covering a large area, and units are poorly secured as residents believe that the estate’s security measures are sufficient. Often this is a false sense of comfort as the guards are unable to respond quickly. Households in security estates are lucrative targets for criminals who have found innovative ways to infiltrate the perimeter. Electric fencing does pose a barrier to entry but can be bypassed which is why an effective CCTV surveillance solution is essential.

Watcher Surveillance Solutions offers bespoke perimeter protection using CCTV with off-site monitoring and Intelligent Software to ensure effectiveness and accountability. Our focus being the safety and peace of mind of our customers.

The surveillance solution is set up to:
• Detect intruders before they reach the property
• Deter intruders by visible CCTV camera presence
• Defend your property by reporting threats directly to your chosen armed reaction company

Watcher’s solution is to provide state-of-the-art cameras with back-up power, effective off-site monitoring using Intelligent Software that identifies threats and an effective response to any threats detected. The Intelligent Software is capable of object classification, zone alerts, as well as number plate recognition. Watcher’s independent Surveillance Operations Centre (SOC) is equipped with skilled and dependable officers, and supported by the necessary systems, to ensure that alerts are vetted and timeously acted on. Although we don’t provide an armed response service, we are able to fully integrate with the customer’s preferred armed response company to dispatch, escalate and manage threats.

In addition, Watcher provides Network Monitoring, supported by qualified field technicians, as well as proactive maintenance to ensure uptime and quality of camera feeds. Watcher’s post analysis tools enable the surveillance officers to provide detailed video, response, and alarm evidence for prosecution purposes. Intelligence gained from events, suspicious vehicles, and persons, are used to determine the criminal’s modus operandi.

In summary, we believe that these four elements address the shortcomings of other available solutions:
• Technology – reliable threat detection
• SOC – reliable threat management
• NMS (Network Monitoring System) – Availability of systems
• Reporting – Reliable prosecution

Our business model is OPEX based. We own, maintain, support, and operate the infrastructure at a monthly fee per camera.