The intelligent surveillance partner that never sleeps

Security designed to stay alert, stay awake and stay on top of any risks that threaten the safety of the home or the organisation.

Security is more than just investing into a stable of cameras.  It’s a holistic mix of intelligent technology, people and platforms that blends multiple components that are capable of interpreting, analysing and understanding the data and the risks so that security is optimised and relevant. According to Derick Neethling, Head of Sales at Watcher Surveillance Solutions, security solutions should leverage the latest technology to evolve beyond just systems to become ecosystems.

“South African organisations need more than just a camera provider or a software provider or a monitoring company to achieve the right levels of security,” he explains. “They need an integrated system that pulls together multiple elements into a single infrastructure that can be customised and adapted to suit different requirements. Security isn’t a box ticking exercise, it’s a strategic investment that’s dictated by industry and sector.”

At its most basic, physical security consists of cameras and people. They are interchangeable and sometimes unreliable – the cameras break down; the people need a break. Their flaws can present a significant risk to companies that need to protect remote or high-security sites and both people and cameras are expensive to manage and maintain. The problem is, what’s the affordable alternative?

“Few organisations can afford their own surveillance operations centre (SOC) or networking operations centre (NOC),” adds Neethling. “Even fewer can afford round the clock surveillance using multiple personnel and camera systems. Security is expensive and the technology available today even more so. It’s a difficult situation because crime isn’t stopping and security is a priority for the South African business.”

So, what is the solution?

Quite simply, the answer is to invest into security as a service. To work with a company that has the SOC, the NOC, the personnel, the technology and the capabilities and let that company do the work. The “as-a-service” trend has taken off significantly in the software space because it’s accessible, cost-effective, scalable and flexible. It allows the business to adopt best of breed solutions without having to pay the best of breed price tag. It’s also exactly how Watcher Surveillance Solutions has approached its intelligent and evolved security offering.

“We provide the camera installations, infrastructure, fibre, power, backup systems, redundancies and high-end technology required to deliver a 24/7 surveillance operation to any organisation,” says Neethling. “We bring all the feeds from these cameras into our technology stack with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities that are capable of learning patterns, adapting strategies and providing exceptional security service to suit any industry requirements.”

The technology is designed to learn. It provides the operator with insights into immediate threats with real-time alerts that can be either rejected or further analysed to ensure security hasn’t been compromised. It then learns which alerts are relevant based on how the operator reacts. Patterns of behaviour, unusual behaviour, customised security requirements – these are all constantly monitored and adapted as the technology establishes which behaviours are normal, and which are not. The AI and deep learning tools removing the need for hundreds of people staring at thousands of screens.

“The AI hasn’t replaced people, it merely assists in making insightful decisions and in mitigating risk through intelligent analysis,” says Neethling. “In addition to the constant, real-time system monitoring – the security guard that never sleeps – the system provides an auditable log of events that lists every alert generated by the system. These can then be reported on a monthly or weekly basis and can be used to inform the performance of the system and the operators. Every part of the platform has been designed to ensure optimal security for the organisation.”

Watcher has leveraged the technology of today to create an “as-a-service” solution that’s capable of handling security well into tomorrow. Using the latest in technology, software, cameras, digital tools and infrastructure, the company provides highly advanced security at scale. A scale that’s significantly easier on the bottom line.

“We’ve taken best of breed AI systems for surveillance and hired exceptionally skilled people so we can deliver an intelligent solution that works for you,” concludes Neethling. “We can configure, design, customised and specialise security to suit any site and requirement. And we handle all the admin of licensing, maintenance and skills development for you. Our technology hands you AI surveillance that’s cost-effective, relevant and future-proof.”

Published by TechCentral