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20 Powerful Benefits Of Automated Thermal Fever Screening (Plus A Downloadable PDF)

The Coronavirus has rocked the world as we know it, and major precautions have had to be put in place to keep your staff and customers safe.

Provided in this article is a download to our Fever Screening brochure, which explains how we use thermal cameras and intelligent AI-powered services to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep your people safe from harm and your business safe from the pandemic.

Our solution isn’t just perfect for malls and retail environments though, but medium to large business premises, schools & universities, mines, offices, churches, the hospitality industry, manufacturing industry and hospitals too.

Don’t forget to download our brochure below.

Here are some of the core benefits of using thermal fever screening services:

Automatic Screenings

With manual screenings taking up to 2 hours for mines and other organisations, automatic screening means faster fever screening.

  • Customers and employees enter the facility faster.
  • Safe, free moving access to the facility.
  • Prevent the requirement for screening staff, that could contract or spread the virus.

Improved Control

  • Automatically scans everyone in the field of view.
  • Eliminate potential for mistakes due to human error.

Safety Benefits

  • Provide a safe business and working environment.
  • Prevent the need for human screening
  • Avoid screening staff contracting or spreading the virus

Alerts and quick response

  • Alarms can be generated to multiple ground staff and/or control centres who can respond to threats in real-time.

Reporting, record keeping and post analysis

  • All screenings can be logged to the cloud and kept off-site safely for audit purposes.
  • No more paper trails for proof of screenings.
  • Centralised information databases can be made available so that a geographically decentralised operation can have centralised COVID-19 / temperature control, record keeping and ease of access.
  • Easy reporting

Credibility and reputability

  • A controlled COVID-19 “safezone” can increase confidence for staff, customers and students.
  • Can be utilised as a branded safety feature as employees ensure the safety of their staff


  • We ensure maintenance and upkeep.

No capital outlay 

Our all-inclusive monthly charge translates to easier affordability and no large upfront costs.

  • No capital investment required
  • No depreciating assets on your balance sheet
  • No loan amount for financing on your balance sheet
  • VAT can be claimed back
Download Fever Screening Brochure

Download the Fever Screening brochure now (3.7MB)

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