Use Case 1 – Small Complex (28 Homes)


This use case has been compiled to demonstrate Watcher’s Value Proposition and Costing. These are actual examples of where Watcher has assisted customers with security issues. This particular use cases is for a Small Complex.


The Homeowners Association approached Watcher for a security solution to prevent perimeter breaches from the rear of the complex. These breaches occurred at regular intervals despite a guard present at the gate and doing regular patrols around the property. A physical barrier (electric fence coupled with detection) did not deter the criminals either, which only resulted in damage due to the criminals breaking the wall underneath the fence.


After a site survey and consultation with the customer, Watcher proposed to replace the guard with technology, off-site monitoring and to have armed reaction on a callout basis. A total of 7 cameras was required to cover the perimeter and the placement of the cameras is shown in the following map:

Historical Costing

Patrolling Guard (Night Shift Only)R16 000
Armed ReactionR1 000
Total Monthly CostR17 000

Watcher’s Costing

CategoryItemQtyMonthly Cost
AC & Fibre ReticulationAC and Fibre Cable, Fence Reticulated500R1 618
CCTV CameraOverview 50 Meter IR5R674
CCTV CameraOverview Wide Angle IR2R216
GeneralUPS Type 11R270
Observation PointDome Pole with AC connection4R6 686
Primary BackhaulFibre backhaul – 20/201R1 260
Primary BackhaulRouter Board1R67
SaaS BundleWatcher VMS, 15-day, AI7R2 625
WSS Monitoring24/7/365 Monitoring7R2 450
Total  R15 865

Armed Reaction is included in the WSS Monitoring; however, each callout is charged at R490.

Value Proposition

Apart from saving the Homeowners around R1,100 pm (6%) on their total security bill, Watcher has prevented all perimeter breaches since the technology has been deployed (12 months). We have further increased the security at the gate entrance by preventing tailgating, beggars following vehicles entering the estate and a further attempt to open the gate.