Watcher’s FAQ Friday Segment

Q: Is Watcher a security company?

A: Watcher provides a security surveillance function, which includes supply and installation of CCTV Systems on site, as well as off-site monitoring of cameras using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ensure that nothing is missed. We work closely with the customer’s preferred security company and/or armed response, but can escalate a threat to whomever the customer prefers.

Q: How is AI used for video surveillance?

A: AI for video survaillance is the application of specialised software to analyse to video feeds in order to recognise humans, objects and events. Watcher uses a range of AI applications such as object detection, alert zones and rules to alert a Surveilance Officer of a potential threat. It is in essence a tool used for more effective and proactive monitoring of CCTV cameras.

Q:  Why choose Watcher?

A: Watcher’s staff are specialist in the installation of CCTV cameras and off-site monitoring using AI technology to insure an immediate response to a threat, and pro-active crime prevention.

Q: What is surveillance as a service?

A: Traditionally, you would have to purchase CCTV equipment and have it installed on site, appoint someone to monitor the cameras, and do maintenance/repairs yourself.

Watcher provides all the below as an all-inclusive surveillance service

  • Installation of the CCTV equipment
  • Monitoring of the camera feeds  using the intelligent systems (AI driven)
  • Reaction to threats and the escalation thereof, if necessary
  • Monitoring of active network and equipment to ensure uptime
  • Maintenance and repairs to faulty or obstructed camera feeds

Q: What does Watcher’s SaaS (Software as a Service) include?


  • Analytics to proactively alert operators based on object classification
  • Video Management System with Video retention
  • Post Analysis capabilities
  • Servers (processing power)
  • Connectivity through Watcher’s WAN (Wide Area Network)
  • Cloud Hosting Inside N+1 Datacentre
  • Alert manager (black screen capabilities)
  • License Plate Recognition

Q: Where does the recorded footage go, who watches it?

A: Watcher has a 24/7 SOC (Surveillance Operating Centre) where operators manage alerts generated by the software, and they are dismissed or escalated accordingly. The footage itself is stored in a secure location on the cloud.

Q: How long do your customers have access to the footage?

A: Our customers have their footage stored for 15 days. Any incidents that occur will be exported before this is deleted, after the 15 days, and saved to a secure file for later evidence.

Q: Is there a Watcher Surveillance Solutions App available, for your customers to use at their own convenience?

A: The Watcher software does include a mobile app that the customer can access from anywhere and/or the customer can install the full monitoring system to a laptop or desktop.

Q: Does Watcher sell small home packages, being just the camera set?

A: Unfortunately not, we focus more on the software and creating a relationship with a client through the service we deliver rather than selling a once-off product. Our services are mostly suited for residential complexes and businesses.

Q: Does your Fever Screening Solution include mask detection?

A: Our solution immediately picks up if someone is wearing a mask or not. If anyone is not wearing a mask when entering the building, an automated voice will tell the to “please wear a mask”. Temperatures are also checked as guests enter the building and you’d be notified immediately if someone has an abnormal temperature before they come into contact with anyone else.

Q: What makes an IoT (Internet of Things) network secure?

A: IoT is a very broad space, but the devices used by Watcher (mostly for monitoring purposes) have firmware that can be updated and /or ‘patched’ to prevent infiltration by known malware. Generally, authentication is the biggest threat which is why it is important to customise credentials and not use the default credentials on the device.

For additional security, the following can be done:

  • Logging of all system events including log-in attempts and configuration changes
  • End-to-end encryption of all traffic
  • Stringent inventory management of devices and systems
  • Strict firewall rules only expose the required ports
  • Segregation of critical infrastructure to reduce impacts of system breaches

Q: What does Watcher’s complete CCTV Surveillance Solution include?


  • Supply and installation of CCTV cameras and infrastructure on site
  • Intelligent solftware
  • 24/7 Monitoring via Watcher’s Surveillance Operating Centre
  • Network and infrastructure monitoring
  • Maintenance & repair

All four of the above are required to provide effective security surveillance.

Q: What if I want the Watcher’s surveillance service but have an existing CCTV system infrastructures?

A: Watcher is able apply its Intelligent Software and surveillance service to most existing CCTV systems. However, a inspection of the system will be done to ensure integration is possible and that the system was installed in accordance with Watcher’s standards. 

Q: What is the delay time between incident and notification of customer/armed response?

A: Under 1 minute from receiving the alert, assessing the situation, and contacting the customer/armed response unit.

Q: How does your alert management system assist in preventing crime?

A: Firstly, we strategically set the alert criteria on each camera view, using Real Time Analytics (RTA). An alert trigger will appear on the Alert Manager, which the Operator will use to view event and if needed, immediately dispatch an armed response unit. Notifications from the Alert Manager cannot be ignored by the Operator on duty, and it keeps a record of all actions, in order to keep the Operator and the Armed Response unit accountable.

Q: In terms of warranty and after sales service, what does Watcher offer?

A: Support and maintenance of all hardware and software is included as part of Watcher’s surveillance service. If something breaks, then it’s Watcher’s responsibility to repair or replace.

Q: Watcher has mentioned that it is not a Box Drop company, what does this mean?

A: Most companies who install CCTV Surveillance System will install the equipment on site and provide the hardware and software required for the camera feeds to appear on the screen. Once that is done, they will generally walk away once payment is received (hence they provide a Box Drop solution). Watcher offers a complete surveillance as an all-inclusive service. Therefore, Watcher will support and maintain everything that was provided and installed, as part of its total surveillance service.

Q: Which crucial components are required, in order to ensure that one’s current Surveillance System is effective?

A: There are many components in a functional CCTV surveillance system, but the most crucial is monitoring of the camera feeds in real time. If a relevant incident is not seen by the person responsible for monitoring, then the entire system is useless. The reality is that humans do not have the capacity to stare at monitors for hours on end, which is why the intelligent Software is crucial as it is always working by notifying the human element of events that may or may not be relevant.

Q: Do all CCTV cameras offer high quality zoom features?

A: No, unfortunately this is not the case. Digital zoom often results in pixilation and blurry images if images/recorded videos are zoomed too closely. Zoom technology is most effective when using a special camera called a Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera.

Q: What is meant by object classification, can you give me an example?

A: Object classification in Surveillance Technology refers to the software’s ability to differentiate between a vehicle, human and animal. The intelligent Software can differentiate between the objects and detects the difference between a real threat and a false alarm. E.g a human or a cat climbing over a wall.

Q: Is there a difference between Watcher’s AI and the camera manufacturer’s AI?

A: Watcher’s AI is cloud based and is applied to the camera feeds, whereas the software provided by most camera manufacturers is installed on the actual camera itself. Watcher’s AI is camera agnostic, meaning that it can be applied to the footage supplied by cameras from any manufacturer. The software provided by a specific camera manufacturer can only be used on cameras that are produced by that specific manufacturer.